Thursday, March 19, 2015


Knowing someone is in need of healing, often brings forward a desire for us to know what that healing is. Sometimes that information is quite private to the person that is healing. Sometimes that person is an open book. Try to honor what the person asking for healing wishes and do not pry or give unsolicited advise or readings. Simply it is not ethical to do so. I find that not asking questions about the persons healing path. Yet creating a space for them to talk if they want to as a vital key in helping others heal. Not everyone wants to talk about it. Not everyone wants to focus on the negative part of being ill, etc. Many people want to think of themselves as healed and in a good space.
Giving information to the person in need of healing, such as - "It is going to be OK", or "Don't worry, at least it is not such-and-such." is not of much use. You truly don't know what is going on in someone's mind unless they tell you. In my humblest of opinions, if the person wants you to know: they will tell you.
If you want to send love, prayers, reiki or some other form of healing to the person (and they ask for it). Then be that, don't try to pry into the mind of someone that doesn't want to go there. Most of all, don't tell them "Its going to be OK". Another persons healing is not in your control. When one speaks from that space, and says "It's going to be OK", etc. It is their ego talking.
Let go of that need to make things OK and just spread the love and compassion that you can and are asked to.
XO ~ Starlene Breiter

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Healing - One Step at a Time.

It feels good to be really busy, with a full plate of "life" in my hands - lately. A nice switch up to last year this time when I was falling apart from a serious injury. I kind of feel like my body went through this whole transition and now my business is going through this whole shift and change as I grow more into my astrological consulting work and teaching healing and creating my two new websites.

Thank God for healing, astrology, love and patience ~ things that I try to embody and utilize as much 

as I can.

~ I do believe that the healing to most of our woes comes in time. By loving each and every step of whatever transition you are going through. Never stop trying to *get better*, focusing on the positive and of course for me, Reiki. ~ (Some people prefer prayers or just thinking positive, to Reiki. - I do believe that element of at least an "energetic thought" of healing has to be in the mix.)

When you come to appreciate all the little steps of healing
you start move through whatever transition you are doing through. - Without the anxiety and stress that often comes along with all of that which just multiplies the troubles you are dealing with. Astrology fits in by helping me understand what energies are present for me at any given time. This way I know when it's a day (or time period) that I need to just take care of me. It might even be a time period I need to let the creative energies loose or forge ahead with ideas. - It is such a beautiful tool for anyone that wants to understand the intricate workings of their life.

So what a beautiful lesson my injury last year taught me -- love me, take care of me, be gentle with me. - Everything else that is important to you, is still important - but you are #1 --- and EVERYONE SHOULD say that about themselves.

Breathing in love, exhaling all the negative energy, pain, energy junk.

Health starts FIRST -- with the desire to be healthy, and then taking steps to get as healthy as possible. - No it isn't possible for us to revert time and go back to the past and before whatever afflictions affect us -- but WE CAN make the best of what we have, and grow from there. ~ Trust me, I have done this many times over in this lifetime, physically, emotionally, even spiritually. - So I speak from my personal experience - which I think is what helps me to be helpful to others on their healing paths.

If there is something you think that I might be able to assist you with, on your path of healing - I am a Reiki Teacher, Professional Astrological Consultant, And I study and use the energies of Gemstones in my work --- just let me know...

I am happy to walk with you on that path of healing!
Wishing everyone health and patience with ones selves ~
Namaste ~ Starlene

You can check out my sites,,, as they grow every day, a little by little.. They are all part of my Rocks And Reiki, Inc. business but specialty sites of their own - my astrology site - my reiki site and of course my jewelry, gemstone & candle site

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Letting Go.

Letting Go.

It is easy to let something go.

Sometimes we feel it is very difficult to let things go. We hold on to it (whatever "it" is) because of some emotional attachment we have to it. 

I would like you to think of the things that you have let go of already in your life, even things that you didn’t necessarily want to let go of. I know we have all let go of many things, things such as - anxiety, fear, past relationships, resentment, negative thought patterns, jobs we disliked, bad habits, depression, stress, emotional connections, friendships and businesses – even old ways of thinking. 

You did it - many of, if not all of those types of things you let go in the past, and you know what? 

You can do it again.

The choice to stay attached to something that is unhealthy for our Spirit, body or emotions is just that – an attachment. 

At any point in time, you can say to yourself – I let *this* go

And that is it!

Now this doesn’t mean that you are going to love the choice of letting go of a bad habit or an unhealthy relationship. Remember when we live our lives in an intellectual manor – rather than attached to unhealthy emotions about something not good for us – then we are living in a truthful and loving manor to ourselves

Know that it is a choice. We can choose to let go of something - in the most loving and kind way that we can sort out, or we can create a lot of other negative emotions such as worry or stress or anger when letting go – that too is a choice.

It is also true that when we let go of things that are not of our highest good – then we really are opening a space up in our lives for something that is. Funnily enough that new thing could even be that the very thing you are letting go of. 

Sometimes what you release turns out to be what you need, in which case it will come back to you. 

For instance owning your own business and feeling you are charging too much for your service - then you let go of that idea and realize you are really not charging enough. So you raise your prices and wind up selling more things than before - why you ask? Because people feel that energy and respect you have for yourself to ask for what you are worth! Holding on to limiting ideas, is a perfect example of that. 

So is holding on to an unhealthy relationship. If you let go of an unhealthy relationship/friendship then the friend understands - wow I really shouldn't have been uncaring, insensitive, mean, or unloving to this person. Then before you know it your friend or loved one changes their attitude towards you and apologizes. Now I am not saying this always happens, but if it is meant to be - it will.

You really never know what the Universe has in store for you once you let go of something unhealthy for you!

If our time is filled working a job that we really dislike, being in a relationship that is unhealthy or having a friend that is draining – we are allowing our valuable time and valuable energy to be spent on these things, when we could choose to just – let go –. 

So what - if you have to spend some time with yourself, I know being alone is a fear that many people have. Use that time to figure out what really would make you feel happy, fulfilled or loved. In fact I would suggest that we do that anyhow from time to time. 

Spend the day just with you, pampering you, allowing you to feel good, happy, healthy and loved by YOU. 

When you exhibit love for yourself, you are creating the energy of being in love with yourself. I don't mean this in a narcissistic manor, but a healthy manor and you therefore are attracting other things, people, jobs, situations - etc that are also on the same energy pattern as you.

So today -- I am choosing -- and I am letting go of all things that are not healthy for my Spirit.

How about you?


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Be Yourself!

Here is to being the only person you are really able to be - YOURSELF. 

When you get clear on who you are, and you know that is your truth - then you are able to finally allow your inner self to radiate outward in your outer world. If you do not yet know who YOU are, then why not do some digging and try to figure that out?

I can hear some people thinking - how do I sort out who I am? Well first you have to be really honest with yourself. You can do that by truly asking your self - does this that I am doing, working with, connecting with or otherwise, resonate with who I am? For instance you might have an addiction to say coffee or sugar - and everytime you eat it, you feel icky for doing so. If that is the case, then coffee or sugar is probably not who you truly are. I know we all get addicted to things, it is the nature of being human but we really do not need to be. We can ask ourselves, and not our minds, but our hearts and higher self - does this (insert thing, addiction, person etc.) really make me feel good? Is is helping me in some way? Is it hindering me some way?

Self examination is a difficult thing for most people, I understand that. It is not always easy to look at my own self, but I can tell you through experience when taking an unemotional, no-mind, heartfelt approach to my life - I have come to great conclusions about myself and how I can better myself by letting go of something that does not serve my highest spirit and that in itself is pretty powerful. Stepping into the space that you do not need to be anything someone else wants you to be - but who YOU want you to be, releasing the things we are addicted to - allows you to be the real you.

Don't be afraid to set boundaries and tell people no, if something doesn't resonate with you - it is that simple - no. If you feel pressured to do something you do not want to, saying no is the healthiest thing for everyone involved and it helps you to feel empowered. You do not have to say no in an angry or negative way, being loving and kind (if that is who you are) is perfectly acceptable in saying no to someone.

Also do not be afraid to march to the beat of your own drum or blaze your own path ~ there is a lot to be said for the person that does that and truly knows who they are on the inside!

I am me, honest, loving and happy - who are you?!

Something to ponder over. :)

Love & Blessings, Starlene Breiter 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything.

Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything.

I wanted to share this thought with all of you today. It is something I have kept in my own heart and gently reminded myself of throughout my life.

When we have a simple appreciation for everything in life, from the most major of things to the silliest of things - then we are in a state of bliss.

Even when we are going through the "crap" that life always seems to throw at us... - By learning to find the appreciation for it while you are going through it. That is how we keep feeling that bliss, no matter what stuff is going on around us.

By finding that still quiet side of ourselves (that may be a small part right now) but is in everyone one of our hearts - knowing that nothing. Yes - nothing - can truly allow you to move into a space that is not of love --- UNLESS --- you allow it to - that is when we feel the bliss.

For an example, and I am sure many of you reading this have experienced something similar in your own lives... 

How many times in life have you had an experience that just seemed awful to go through? Then when you reflected on it in the future, you found hidden blessings that came from that experience? I know for me - I can tell you many stories of things happening in my own life that when I finished going through all of it - I reflected and was actually grateful for the experience. Typically when I reflect on a "bad experience", I find some new appreciation or really just feel like, wow, that whole experience is such a blessings because out of it came something wonderful.

I think the trick to this is to be in that state of appreciation and not feel upset or angry or annoyed or any of the other myriad of emotions that come from the ego while going through the negative experience. Just accept all of the stuff that we have to go through, finding that still quiet place and being anchored in that, in your heart - that is the trick to really feeling blissful in your life!

I know this doesn't usually happen for people - in an instant - but why can't it? 

Why can't you just say to yourself - I am done with the drama, anger, judgement, frustration etc etc, and I am flipping the page and starting a new chapter. It really is that simple. When you slice and dice it all up, if you decide to let go of those fearful feelings, those judgements, those things weighing you down  - there really is a moment in time that you simply have to let it go.

Why not let that moment in time be right now?

So why not set a conscious decision for yourself - RIGHT NOW - and get centered in your heart and not let all the perceived problems of the world bog YOU down. That is what really happens when we let the lower side of us take over, we get bogged down and feel bad, or get sick, or whatever negative stuff that happens around us. If you just allow all that stuff to happen, kind of like a movie, and do not engage in the drama of it all, then you start to awaken into this feeling of bliss, this feeling of non-attachment and letting go - it is quite a peaceful place!

When we are in this space of love and appreciation for everything around us, even the crap - our attitudes change, a softening occurs and our hearts open wider allowing the love to flow in and radiates outward.

Many people are searching for that *true love* but have neglected to find that true love for themselves and their surroundings. Therefor they are unable to simply radiate love to find love, or get hooked up in relationships that are destructive because essentially when we let the lower side of ourselves be in control - that is what happens.

Appreciating the love and the negativity - all of it - and not expecting anything other then appreciation and love to flow into your heart - allows us to feel the bliss that comes from being in this state of appreciation.

I know, it seems hard, but it really isn't - it is a choice, we can choose to be blissful through the crap, or we can hold on to that which is all unreal anyway, the lower - ego side of ourselves.

Now, let me be the first to tell you, all this I am speaking is straight from my own experiences and understanding of life in general. I am no saint when it comes to this, but I work on myself continually. I get that we are human beings, we have egos - we will until we die, but we can choose to let the ego side of ourselves be in control - or we can choose to allow ourselves to be happy, blissful and peaceful at any given time. The more that you practice this sort of behavior, the easier it becomes!

Just some pondering's for your morning, afternoon, day or night!

Namaste ~Starlene Breiter ~ my online business card. ~ my main website.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spider Webs

Have you ever watched a spider spin its web?

I have.

It is an extraordinary thing to stand somewhere and just watch as the little guy (or girl) spins its web and creates such an intricate piece of art that it uses to live on and feed from.

To the spider, this web is utilitarian ~ and necessary to be able to sustain itself by catching other insects in it and laying its eggs and spawning other spiders. To some humans, spiders are a nuisance and we tare down their homes and make our surroundings more "beautiful".

To me, I think spiders can teach us a thing or two about allowing our creative spirit to just flow and sustain us because unless we are living our passion, then our work isn't usually our passion. Sometimes the passion that comes out isn't work for us even, rather just passion, in some creative way.

Much like the spider probably does not realize that it is creating art to sustain itself - we as the creative spirits that we are, do that through our own inspiration, play and work. Now you might be thinking, well what is so artistic about an accountant - ask someone that doesn't know the magic of numbers and you will find out.

We all have our niche, our web, our own unique and beautiful way of expressing ourselves and I believe it is up to us to find out what that is and get creating our own web!

Namaste ~Starlene Breiter RMT

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Love wishes to be known, completely understood and shared. It has no secrets; nothing that it would keep apart and hide. It walks in sunlight, open-eyed and calm, in smiling welcome and sincerity so simple and so obvious it cannot be misunderstood. ~ACIM 20 VI 3

Love ~ Starlene Breiter RMT

Friday, November 23, 2012

Dr Seuss - for president!

I Love Dr Seuss, I think #19 the best (at least right now I do)

Monday, November 12, 2012


Letting go of any emotion that is not of LOVE and replacing it with LOVE - is such a healing place.

Sometimes those emotions that are not of love are old hurts, pains, trauma or a myriad of other things. Even if the hurt is causing you physical or emotional pain at the time ~ lovingly ~ reminding yourself in a loving and gentle way, that love is what is real and what will help us overcome any unloving feeling --- and that is when the peace comes in.

Keeping clear in our hearts that forgiveness really begins with just the thought of being forgiving - and that truly is all that is needed to allow the LOVE and PEACE to come in!

Releasing, forgiving, peace and love - and remembering WE are all intertwined with one another, like trunk of a beautiful ficus tree - so when we LOVE, FORGIVE and are at PEACE - then that is what we radiate out into the world! <3 br="br">

Wishing you a moment of LOVE ~ Starlene Breiter

Monday, November 5, 2012


I love how the Universe operates. 

When you release something that has worn out its use, you learned all the lessons you could from it - whatever it is. You are left wide open to infinite possibilities and are given many beautiful prospects 
right in front of yourself.

It is always important to take inventory of things we have around us, including physical things, like clothes, unwanted furniture, old thought patterns, old relationships that have run their course, lingering fears or doubts -- and goodness known what else we have "stashed away" - skeletons in the closet...~ and astrology helps us to understand those patterns and the infinity that is part of all of us.

If it serves no purpose anymore, bless it, thank it - and give it away - out with the old - just wait for the new, it is coming - you will see!
♥ ~Starlene Breiter

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