Thursday, May 9, 2013

Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything.

Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything.

I wanted to share this thought with all of you today. It is something I have kept in my own heart and gently reminded myself of throughout my life.

When we have a simple appreciation for everything in life, from the most major of things to the silliest of things - then we are in a state of bliss.

Even when we are going through the "crap" that life always seems to throw at us... - By learning to find the appreciation for it while you are going through it. That is how we keep feeling that bliss, no matter what stuff is going on around us.

By finding that still quiet side of ourselves (that may be a small part right now) but is in everyone one of our hearts - knowing that nothing. Yes - nothing - can truly allow you to move into a space that is not of love --- UNLESS --- you allow it to - that is when we feel the bliss.

For an example, and I am sure many of you reading this have experienced something similar in your own lives... 

How many times in life have you had an experience that just seemed awful to go through? Then when you reflected on it in the future, you found hidden blessings that came from that experience? I know for me - I can tell you many stories of things happening in my own life that when I finished going through all of it - I reflected and was actually grateful for the experience. Typically when I reflect on a "bad experience", I find some new appreciation or really just feel like, wow, that whole experience is such a blessings because out of it came something wonderful.

I think the trick to this is to be in that state of appreciation and not feel upset or angry or annoyed or any of the other myriad of emotions that come from the ego while going through the negative experience. Just accept all of the stuff that we have to go through, finding that still quiet place and being anchored in that, in your heart - that is the trick to really feeling blissful in your life!

I know this doesn't usually happen for people - in an instant - but why can't it? 

Why can't you just say to yourself - I am done with the drama, anger, judgement, frustration etc etc, and I am flipping the page and starting a new chapter. It really is that simple. When you slice and dice it all up, if you decide to let go of those fearful feelings, those judgements, those things weighing you down  - there really is a moment in time that you simply have to let it go.

Why not let that moment in time be right now?

So why not set a conscious decision for yourself - RIGHT NOW - and get centered in your heart and not let all the perceived problems of the world bog YOU down. That is what really happens when we let the lower side of us take over, we get bogged down and feel bad, or get sick, or whatever negative stuff that happens around us. If you just allow all that stuff to happen, kind of like a movie, and do not engage in the drama of it all, then you start to awaken into this feeling of bliss, this feeling of non-attachment and letting go - it is quite a peaceful place!

When we are in this space of love and appreciation for everything around us, even the crap - our attitudes change, a softening occurs and our hearts open wider allowing the love to flow in and radiates outward.

Many people are searching for that *true love* but have neglected to find that true love for themselves and their surroundings. Therefor they are unable to simply radiate love to find love, or get hooked up in relationships that are destructive because essentially when we let the lower side of ourselves be in control - that is what happens.

Appreciating the love and the negativity - all of it - and not expecting anything other then appreciation and love to flow into your heart - allows us to feel the bliss that comes from being in this state of appreciation.

I know, it seems hard, but it really isn't - it is a choice, we can choose to be blissful through the crap, or we can hold on to that which is all unreal anyway, the lower - ego side of ourselves.

Now, let me be the first to tell you, all this I am speaking is straight from my own experiences and understanding of life in general. I am no saint when it comes to this, but I work on myself continually. I get that we are human beings, we have egos - we will until we die, but we can choose to let the ego side of ourselves be in control - or we can choose to allow ourselves to be happy, blissful and peaceful at any given time. The more that you practice this sort of behavior, the easier it becomes!

Just some pondering's for your morning, afternoon, day or night!

Namaste ~Starlene Breiter ~ my online business card. ~ my main website.

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