Monday, November 5, 2012


I love how the Universe operates. 

When you release something that has worn out its use, you learned all the lessons you could from it - whatever it is. You are left wide open to infinite possibilities and are given many beautiful prospects 
right in front of yourself.

It is always important to take inventory of things we have around us, including physical things, like clothes, unwanted furniture, old thought patterns, old relationships that have run their course, lingering fears or doubts -- and goodness known what else we have "stashed away" - skeletons in the closet...~ and astrology helps us to understand those patterns and the infinity that is part of all of us.

If it serves no purpose anymore, bless it, thank it - and give it away - out with the old - just wait for the new, it is coming - you will see!
♥ ~Starlene Breiter

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