Thursday, September 26, 2013

Healing - One Step at a Time.

It feels good to be really busy, with a full plate of "life" in my hands - lately. A nice switch up to last year this time when I was falling apart from a serious injury. I kind of feel like my body went through this whole transition and now my business is going through this whole shift and change as I grow more into my astrological consulting work and teaching healing and creating my two new websites.

Thank God for healing, astrology, love and patience ~ things that I try to embody and utilize as much 

as I can.

~ I do believe that the healing to most of our woes comes in time. By loving each and every step of whatever transition you are going through. Never stop trying to *get better*, focusing on the positive and of course for me, Reiki. ~ (Some people prefer prayers or just thinking positive, to Reiki. - I do believe that element of at least an "energetic thought" of healing has to be in the mix.)

When you come to appreciate all the little steps of healing
you start move through whatever transition you are doing through. - Without the anxiety and stress that often comes along with all of that which just multiplies the troubles you are dealing with. Astrology fits in by helping me understand what energies are present for me at any given time. This way I know when it's a day (or time period) that I need to just take care of me. It might even be a time period I need to let the creative energies loose or forge ahead with ideas. - It is such a beautiful tool for anyone that wants to understand the intricate workings of their life.

So what a beautiful lesson my injury last year taught me -- love me, take care of me, be gentle with me. - Everything else that is important to you, is still important - but you are #1 --- and EVERYONE SHOULD say that about themselves.

Breathing in love, exhaling all the negative energy, pain, energy junk.

Health starts FIRST -- with the desire to be healthy, and then taking steps to get as healthy as possible. - No it isn't possible for us to revert time and go back to the past and before whatever afflictions affect us -- but WE CAN make the best of what we have, and grow from there. ~ Trust me, I have done this many times over in this lifetime, physically, emotionally, even spiritually. - So I speak from my personal experience - which I think is what helps me to be helpful to others on their healing paths.

If there is something you think that I might be able to assist you with, on your path of healing - I am a Reiki Teacher, Professional Astrological Consultant, And I study and use the energies of Gemstones in my work --- just let me know...

I am happy to walk with you on that path of healing!
Wishing everyone health and patience with ones selves ~
Namaste ~ Starlene

You can check out my sites,,, as they grow every day, a little by little.. They are all part of my Rocks And Reiki, Inc. business but specialty sites of their own - my astrology site - my reiki site and of course my jewelry, gemstone & candle site

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