Sunday, August 4, 2013

Letting Go.

Letting Go.

It is easy to let something go.

Sometimes we feel it is very difficult to let things go. We hold on to it (whatever "it" is) because of some emotional attachment we have to it. 

I would like you to think of the things that you have let go of already in your life, even things that you didn’t necessarily want to let go of. I know we have all let go of many things, things such as - anxiety, fear, past relationships, resentment, negative thought patterns, jobs we disliked, bad habits, depression, stress, emotional connections, friendships and businesses – even old ways of thinking. 

You did it - many of, if not all of those types of things you let go in the past, and you know what? 

You can do it again.

The choice to stay attached to something that is unhealthy for our Spirit, body or emotions is just that – an attachment. 

At any point in time, you can say to yourself – I let *this* go

And that is it!

Now this doesn’t mean that you are going to love the choice of letting go of a bad habit or an unhealthy relationship. Remember when we live our lives in an intellectual manor – rather than attached to unhealthy emotions about something not good for us – then we are living in a truthful and loving manor to ourselves

Know that it is a choice. We can choose to let go of something - in the most loving and kind way that we can sort out, or we can create a lot of other negative emotions such as worry or stress or anger when letting go – that too is a choice.

It is also true that when we let go of things that are not of our highest good – then we really are opening a space up in our lives for something that is. Funnily enough that new thing could even be that the very thing you are letting go of. 

Sometimes what you release turns out to be what you need, in which case it will come back to you. 

For instance owning your own business and feeling you are charging too much for your service - then you let go of that idea and realize you are really not charging enough. So you raise your prices and wind up selling more things than before - why you ask? Because people feel that energy and respect you have for yourself to ask for what you are worth! Holding on to limiting ideas, is a perfect example of that. 

So is holding on to an unhealthy relationship. If you let go of an unhealthy relationship/friendship then the friend understands - wow I really shouldn't have been uncaring, insensitive, mean, or unloving to this person. Then before you know it your friend or loved one changes their attitude towards you and apologizes. Now I am not saying this always happens, but if it is meant to be - it will.

You really never know what the Universe has in store for you once you let go of something unhealthy for you!

If our time is filled working a job that we really dislike, being in a relationship that is unhealthy or having a friend that is draining – we are allowing our valuable time and valuable energy to be spent on these things, when we could choose to just – let go –. 

So what - if you have to spend some time with yourself, I know being alone is a fear that many people have. Use that time to figure out what really would make you feel happy, fulfilled or loved. In fact I would suggest that we do that anyhow from time to time. 

Spend the day just with you, pampering you, allowing you to feel good, happy, healthy and loved by YOU. 

When you exhibit love for yourself, you are creating the energy of being in love with yourself. I don't mean this in a narcissistic manor, but a healthy manor and you therefore are attracting other things, people, jobs, situations - etc that are also on the same energy pattern as you.

So today -- I am choosing -- and I am letting go of all things that are not healthy for my Spirit.

How about you?


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