Monday, November 12, 2012


Letting go of any emotion that is not of LOVE and replacing it with LOVE - is such a healing place.

Sometimes those emotions that are not of love are old hurts, pains, trauma or a myriad of other things. Even if the hurt is causing you physical or emotional pain at the time ~ lovingly ~ reminding yourself in a loving and gentle way, that love is what is real and what will help us overcome any unloving feeling --- and that is when the peace comes in.

Keeping clear in our hearts that forgiveness really begins with just the thought of being forgiving - and that truly is all that is needed to allow the LOVE and PEACE to come in!

Releasing, forgiving, peace and love - and remembering WE are all intertwined with one another, like trunk of a beautiful ficus tree - so when we LOVE, FORGIVE and are at PEACE - then that is what we radiate out into the world! <3 br="br">

Wishing you a moment of LOVE ~ Starlene Breiter

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