Thursday, March 19, 2015


Knowing someone is in need of healing, often brings forward a desire for us to know what that healing is. Sometimes that information is quite private to the person that is healing. Sometimes that person is an open book. Try to honor what the person asking for healing wishes and do not pry or give unsolicited advise or readings. Simply it is not ethical to do so. I find that not asking questions about the persons healing path. Yet creating a space for them to talk if they want to as a vital key in helping others heal. Not everyone wants to talk about it. Not everyone wants to focus on the negative part of being ill, etc. Many people want to think of themselves as healed and in a good space.
Giving information to the person in need of healing, such as - "It is going to be OK", or "Don't worry, at least it is not such-and-such." is not of much use. You truly don't know what is going on in someone's mind unless they tell you. In my humblest of opinions, if the person wants you to know: they will tell you.
If you want to send love, prayers, reiki or some other form of healing to the person (and they ask for it). Then be that, don't try to pry into the mind of someone that doesn't want to go there. Most of all, don't tell them "Its going to be OK". Another persons healing is not in your control. When one speaks from that space, and says "It's going to be OK", etc. It is their ego talking.
Let go of that need to make things OK and just spread the love and compassion that you can and are asked to.
XO ~ Starlene Breiter

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